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Pick Steam Heaters CutawaySanitary Pick Heater

Pick Heaters developed and patented a unique concept of Direct Steam Injection Heating. It was the first step in what was to become a continuous flow of refinement and innovation. It is this design philosophy that has Pick at the heart of heating for over 70 years in industries ranging from food to chemical and pharmaceutical processing, pulp and paper to power plants.

Pick is the only DSI company to offer a true Variable Flow design for multiple use points and on/off applications.

Pick's fabricated heaters allow for flow rates and pressures far above the norm - up to 25,000 gpm or 1,400 PSIG. They also conform to existing piping from 1/2 to 32 inches and greater, and in various materials of construction.

• Pick was the first direct steam injection company to introduce a 3A certified Sanitary Heater in 1984 and was also the first DSI company to offer a pilot scale version especially for R&D.

• Over 20 years ago Pick expanded its scope of supply to include packaged systems including skid mounted pumps, instrumentation and other ancillary equipment coupled with the Pick direct steam injection heater to meet customers needs.

• Now, through PCD (Pick Custom Design) you can combine Pick's experience in heat transfer with their packaging capability to meet all your process heating needs - using various heat transfer methods.

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Why choose Pick for Direct Steam Injection?

Energy Efficient - 100% heat transfer cuts fuel costs up to 28%

Precise Temperature Control - to within 1°C or less for many systems

Wide Operating Range - variable orifice injector provides unlimited turndown

Low Noise Level - normally below 85 dba

Low Liquid Pressure Drop - does not exceed 2PSI

Complete Mixing in Heater Body - no need for straight run pipe lengths after heater