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Orbetron LogoLow Rate Disc Feeders

Orbetron, was established to fill a niche in the low rate bulk material feeding market. Our consistent drive to produce a product that will feed low rates has allowed us to design feeders that you can hold in your hand! Orbetron technology offers manufacturers an array of feeding, blending, material handling and conveying equipment. Our designs are driven towards saving you money, and improving your process needs.

Since our founding, our product line has expanded to include single/twin screw hard wall feeders, single/twin screw flexible wall feeders, material handling, & conveying equipment.
Our OSBV & OSBG systems are designed to incorporate all feeders onto a central stand that can hold up to 12 feeders to give our customers the ultimate in blending capabilities.

Orbetron strives to use the latest in technology to ensure a consistent and repeatable feed of dry bulk solid materials.

Orbetron also offers a newly designed conveying loader with our (MCT) Mechanical Cleaning Technology for transportation of material into our small feeders.The (MCT) Technology eliminates the use of pressurized air blow black to clean the filter during the vacuum conveying process, thus eliminating the dust that is generated during blow back cleaning.

Orbetron's new Disc feeding technology allows us to count in very small increments the volume per revolution of material! This Disc feeding technology offers a unique difference to standard vibratory and common single and twin screw feeders. Disc feeding allows customers to feed 1 pellet or granulate of product to achieve the low rates you desire.    


To ensure a full feature of products Orbetron offers liquid pump systems that completes a full featured process solution to your application.   


Game Changing Feeder Technology!

Screw Feeders

Flex Wall Feeders

Gravimetric Feeders

Loss-in-Weight Feeders

Pallman Pulverizers, Powder Handling, Crushers, Blenders, Bagging Stations

Orbetron Screw Feeder

Orbetron 50 and 100 mm Disc Feeders

Orbetron 150mm Disc

Orbetron Vibratory Feeder

Orbetron M-Flex Feeder